Sino Global Capital delivers unparalleled access to international capital markets for Mainland Chinese companies and investors. We connect knowledgeable investors and quality deal providers all over the world and provide extensive financial services through our deeply experienced team and global partners. Our global network represents more than 40 years of building relationships across multiple industries.



Mainland Chinese offshore investments totalled US$97.1 billion in H1 2017, evidencing China’s long-term international investment growth trajectory, which will see international investments reach $1.25 Trillion over the next decade. tour international team is in a unique position to seize the substantial opportunity that facilitating these investments provides. We provide a platform for investors and corporate professionals seeking international investment and partnership opportunities with the highest level of reach, visibility, and access between China and the rest of the world.



The process of efficiently identifying, reviewing, and selecting an investment opportunity from a large number of investment opportunities is one of the most persistent and challenging processes faced by investors. Sino Global Capital’s mission is to eliminate this problem for investors by serving as an intelligent hub for accessing and selecting cross-border investment opportunities in various sectors around the world.
We combine pre-screened and unbiased detailed research for investors, enabling logical decisions to be drawn about every investment’s potential.

  • Strict project screening to ensure investors are provided with only the highest quality deals
  • Focus on quality international projects of strategic interest to Chinese investors.
  • Investors can contact each other to find partners for deals


Our strategic partners include:

  • Ultra high net worth individuals (UHNWI’s)
  • PE funds
  • VC funds
  • Municipal investment funds
  • Industrial parks
  • Private and listed companies


Focus on strategic sectors like those in each 5 year plan, as well as the China 2025 strategy. Areas of strategic interest include:

  • Next generation IT
  • High-end numerical control machinery and robotics
  • Aerospace and aviation equipment
  • Maritime engineering equipment and high-tech maritime vessel manufacturing
  • Advanced rail equipment
  • Energy-saving vehicles and NEVs
  • Electrical equipment
  • Agricultural machinery and equipment
  • New materials
  • Biopharmaceuticals and high-performance medical devices


  1. Company valuation
  2. International cap raise
  3. Pitch deck
  4. Targeted overseas investor identification from internal database
  5. Identification and bridge to overseas M&A targets
  1. Overseas partner identification and bridge
  2. Market research
  3. Competitive analysis
  4. Business planning and strategy


China has a growing global market share of multiple key industries and under the “Made In China 2025” initiative, this dominance and investment trend is expected to continue.